About Us

The mission at Kawau Bay Kitchen is simple: share beautiful, colourful, seasonal ingredients while celebrating the diversity of New Zealand.  Like the charm of a well-travelled Kiwi, it is a perfect mix of elevated yet accessible and is high-brow with a casual undertone.


Since 2012 Owners Dom and Christina, with their two young daughters, have built a home in the beautiful seaside village of Orewa.  Having spent their entire working lives in the hospitality industry working in New Zealand, Europe and North America, they are so happy to finally have a restaurant of their very own which feels like a natural extension of their warm hospitality, openness and enviable style of their own kitchen at home.

Dom was born in NZ and has lived all over the world training and practising as a chef.  He reimagines classic European fare, blending it with a slight Asian influence. Dom’s love and passion for seafood is contagious. He celebrates the flavours and textures of what he creates, making it perfect for locals and travellers a like. 

 One of his oft heard mottos summarises the simplicity of his mission:  

“Looks good, tastes good.”

Christina hails from Canada and brings her North American attention to detail to the front of house: a charming, attentive, service-oriented attitude. 

Also having world-wide experience, which included being a first-class flight attendant for Air New Zealand, Christina’s love for hospitality is authentic.

 Service is the key in any establishment and she brings generous doses of that quite naturally. Her eye for detail carries through to the design and atmosphere of the restaurant which feels modern and engaging with a coastal elegance.  

The menu features interpretations of Bistro Classics with a focus on seasonal ingredients & ethically sourced proteins. The daily seafood board will feature a fresh catch of fish shellfish and occasional crustaceans. Which will surely be a highlight for locals and travellers alike.  Having children of their own who also love visiting restaurants, Kawau Bay Kitchen is also family friendly. 

They hope that their restaurant will become a local favourite, one that people visit to celebrate, to simply enjoy and yes, perhaps even to show-off a little.  They want locals to feel that the restaurant is also theirs to share with friends and family, or (if they’re feeling cheeky) used to instil a little jealously about just how wonderful it is in our little corner of the world.